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MARCH 2008

March 20, 2008:  Give yourselves a pat on the back!  You joined with us to oppose the proposed rule requiring NCNOVA approval in order to obtain a four star-rating. It appears that your participation in our letter and lobbying campaign may have been effective. The new proposed adult care home rules no longer require NCNOVA. DHSR will still rate all adult care facilities if the facility has been in business for more than one year at the time of the licensure review. However, the scoring has changed. Now the scores will range from 0 (worst) to 4 (best). Nonetheless, there now appears to be a fair opportunity for all facilities to receive a high score. No longer does the rule require NCNOVA in order to receive four stars. Rather, if your facility maintains a 100% grade on your licensure review for two consecutive state reviews, you will obtain a score of four on your license. These rule changes level the playing field and improve the chances that the rating system will be fair. Thank you for your hard work on this successful grassroots effort to make a difference! We have achieved our goal.


October 1, 2007:  As of October 1, 2007, there is a new law requiring that all adult care facilities prohibit smoking inside the facilities.  There is a $200.00 fine for each smoking violation that will be imposed on the facility.  This new law does not prohibit smoking on porches if the porches are not fully enclosed.  All residents admitted after October 1, 2007 must be informed of the smoking prohibition at admission.


November 9, 2007:  Did you know.... There is a new proposed rule that effective January 1, 2009 adult care homes will receive ratings on their licenses.  That means that all adult care homes including family care homes will be rated from a score of one (worst) to four (best) on the quality of services and compliance with licensure standards. 

Where will your facility rank? 

Is this new ranking system going to be fair?  We're not sure.   It seems that the only way to receive a score of 4 would be to have a perfect licensure review AND be approved by NC NOVA. (10A NCAC 13F .1604 (d)

What is NC NOVA?  NC NOVA is a review program endorsed by the Division of Health Services Regulations.  NC NOVA will review your staffing quality, training, in-services, benefits, opportunities for advancement, job satisfaction, etc. to determine whether your agency will be approved.  How will small adult care homes and family care homes who are barely able to meet the minimum wage requirements be able to meet NC NOVA's rigorous standards?  How will family care home providers who do not hire staff (but do all the work themselves) meet the standards?  These are questions you all should be asking. 

You can make comments about the new rating system to the Division of Health Services regulations until February 1, 2008 by emailing Jeff Horton.  You can also attend a public hearing on January 22, 2008.


October 1, 2007: Effective October 1, 2007, Special Assistance for Adult Care Homes has increased by $25.00.  This is money the facility may use for the cost of doing business.  The resident's personal funds did not increase.

JULY 2007

July 1, 2007:  Did you know that Medicaid was late providing adult care homes a scheduled increase in reimbursement beginning January 1, 2007?  As a result of this increase, adult care homes may be due an extra check from EDS.  Click here or here to read about the rate changes.

JUNE 2007

June 1, 2007:  Medicaid has finally approved adult care homes to bill for personal care services the facility provides to residents on hospice.  Click here to read more details about this change.

June 13, 2007:  Did you know that the General Assembly does not plan to improve adult home reimbursement this year?  Click here to see what the long term care association is trying to do about this.

June 16, 2007:  With the federal minimum wage increases scheduled over the next two years, how will this affect provider operations?  Click here for a description of the upcoming wage increases.






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